Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to kakngah and kakcik

Lama tak dengar berita kan?

2 Mei lalu kami sambut birthday kakngah.

susah betul nak cari hadiah untuk kakngah to show how we appreciate her in our life. Mana ada parents yang tak nak anak dia gembira. So finally on our way to send her back to JB kami singgah di beberapa kedai untuk cari hadiah tanda ingatan untuk kakngah. Finally we found the right one for kakngah dekat TESCO. Hmmph a teddy bear as big as ummi. (real big) and a pillow handcraft with the word LOVE in red. Kakngah seemed to be so happy. She carried the big teddy bear with her in the bus.

Ummi berharap kakngah akan lebih dewasa dalam hidup ini. (She is now nineteen) . Ummi was in Canada when I was at her age. Hopefully kakngah will not be spoiled with all the bad influenced that might occur in her life. Ummi was surrounded by the Canadian with their good and bad kind of life. But ummi was too proud to be a muslim in the middle of the unbelievers in Canada. So stand up strong as a good muslimah.

Okay..... until the next letter..... Bye love all of U

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kimarejha said...

salam....dis is the best year i ever celebrate my besday...tq to my family,friends n sape2 je glr thn n...syukran umi n byh...syg sgt kt umi n buyah...muaahhh..muahhh..muuaaahh...bear yg besar 2...(as big as umi)...he6...i named it...BU...B for byh n U for umi...tq sgt2...skang n katil aja 2 dh penuh ngn teddy bear2 n bntl2 je...xtau nk tdo ktne...tq umi ...tq byh...gamsahamnida..